Save a Life! Join Panama’s New Online Blood Donation Database

Introducing a game-changer and a literal life-saver: the I Go Panama Blood Donation Database

Over the years, The Bocas Breeze has received many messages with requests to share urgent needs for blood donations; “O+ needed in Changuinola” or “B- on Isla Colon.” We always broadcast it on all of our channels immediately, with optimism that it could help, but with cluttered social media spaces, it can feel like a shot in the dark.

In her most recent article on the I Go Panama website, Mary Middlebrook breaks down why these frantic requests happen with such frequency, even with the most common of blood types. The sad reality is that in Panama, there are few central blood banks and donating in times of non-emergency is just not a typical practice. What’s more is that there are norms that restrict blood being donated in one location and sent to another.

In the article Mary relates two personal experiences that drove Panama’s blood shortage crisis very close to home. She lays out the whole issue very clearly, but the best part is that Mary has also engineered quite the intriguing proposal; one that with more and more participation, can prove to be a game-changing, life-saving solution. Even better? It is a relatively simple solution: an online blood database connecting all of Panama.

Take a moment to read the article. Review the requirements for donating blood in Panama, and if you qualify: JOIN IT! It takes literally less than two minutes (see the screenshots below) and can save a life one day…even your own.

Make sure you spread the word so the database grows and grows and when emergencies do occur, people know where to ask for blood and can be put in touch with the rarest of blood types in the most dire of situations.

Save a life and join the I Go Panama Blood Donation Database today. Kudos to Mary Middlebrook and her wonderful contributions via I Go Panama.

Editor’ Note: As you can see in the 2nd screen shot below, I was able to register to the database in 1 minute 10 seconds. Well, add a few more minutes to read through the article and review the requirements, but it was very easy.  I’m glad I registered; and I’m really glad I read the article. I didn’t realize that my blood type is the RAREST of all (O negative).  I’m happy to know I can be of service for someone else in Panama who shares this rare blood type, and I hope another O negative will be there in my time of need as well, God forbid.

I Go Panama Blood Donation

Blood Donation I Go Panama

I go Panama Blood Donation chart

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