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Animals have always been dear to my heart and as many know I have been helping care for our street animals in Bocas for several years now, earning me the nickname Papa Gato. I am now banded together with other like minded people and we are going to start monthly Spay/Neuter clinics in Bocas primarily focused on trapping street animals and helping pets from low income families. We have had a terrific show of financial support from the business community in the area we are targeting first (watch the Breeze for an upcoming article on that clinic!).  We are operating these clinics and other aide to the animal community under the name Papa Gato Animal Welfare Bocas del Toro.  Our core team is myself Russell Easby-Smith, Megan Ward, Ciska Venter and Jana Köbel, but there are many other volunteers who have jumped in to assist, find us on Facebook at Papa Gato Animal Welfare Bocas del Toro.
Megan Ward, Russell Easby-Smith, Ciska Venter and Jana Kobel the core organizing team of Papa Gato Animal Welfare

Our core organizing team: Megan Ward, Russell Easby-Smith, Ciska Venter and Jana Kobel

We want to stock up and prepare for this clinic and other future clinics with supplies.  Our fantastic local vet Dr Gloria will be helping and we also have a wonderful volunteer veterinarian from the US, Dr Erin, who can help us on weekends for several months.  At the bottom of this article is a list of items we need donated for this clinic and future clinics.  We also need money to help buy veterinary supplies for our volunteer vet. Money donations can be donated in person at Scent Shop or Pane Vino or via PayPal at Physical supplies can be dropped off at Scent Shop in Bocas Town.
We also frequently have dogs and cats in our care who need of forever homes, so feel free to contact us if you are willing to adopt or if you know an animal suitable for adoption that we can help place.  Some animals are unfortunately destined to street life, being too feral for adoption, we spay/neuter and release those and will feed them for life.  But those socialized who can adapt to home life the best we want to find homes for.  There is always more animals in need then homes and this a reality we struggle with and try to do the best for each animal and adoptive family.
A recently born kitten being held

One of many kittens recently born on the streets in our first area of focus

Physical items we need donated:
Folding Tables
Towels/sheets and newspapers
Cat litter
Disposable baking trays
Baiting food. Canned tuna in WATER
water/food bowls
Storage bins
Hand sanitizer ×5
Note pads/writing paper
Pack of colour sharpies x2
Alcohol 90
Washing tubs/bowls
Paper towels
Bandage scissors
Cotton balls
Plastic tubs/bowls
Spray bottles
Spare batteries
Instrument trays

Flea and tick medication

Article by Russell Easby-Smith

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