Editor’s Note – August 2013

The sun will come out tomorrow, right? Well, not necessarily in the month of July. But now that August is finally here, we plan on seeing a lot sunny skies in the Bocas forecast. Hop on a boat, a bike, or even an ATV and enjoy yourself at any one of the fabulous beaches Bocas has to offer. There are so many activities to choose from! There’s snorkeling at Polo, Zapatilla, and Long Beach, deep water swimming at Starfish Beach, and ATV tours to the beautiful and secluded “piscina”, a natural inlet and my personal favorite. And if you’re going to Bluff Beach, don’t pass up a chance to get a snack and a delicious daiquiri from one of the beach bars located there. Sunny skies, sandy feet, and a cold drink equal island living at its best.

-Casie Dean


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