Editors Note: June 2016

Many comments have been directed towards me about the trash situation on the islands. So many have brought it up that I find it necessary to respond, so I’ll weigh in here.

Some of the comments I am addressing were negative, but first I’d like to acknowledge the many positive comments regarding the cleanliness of Bocas del Toro. Some were in a recent interview with Elisa, a tourist visiting from Vancouver Island and I have also received many other positive comments from long time residents of Bocas who believe that the town’s garbage collection has improved over the years.

I have always recognized that the disposal of trash on a bunch of small islands has to be, without exception, an extremely complicated production. Factor in rapid tourism growth, an increase of full-time foreign residents and imagine exactly how many 1.5 liter Coca Cola bottles and Dorito bags were on the island in the year 1989.

Cleaning up this island is a hard job. I don’t think it’s right to point fingers unless your pointing at solutions. It seems like almost every day there is a new step in the right direction. Bottles can donated to the Plastic Bottle Village (see May’s edition of the Bocas Breeze on-line), cans can be recycled if put in the right hands (something for the Breeze to investigate), beach clean-ups are happening and I see more and more people bringing their own bags to the store to avoid using plastic bags.

I would like to thank Jerry Anders for sending me his video he made in Bastimentos about how plastic bags can be made into ropes. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPg0GYS-A3U  More on that soon.

Any other productive suggestions like these are very much encouraged: editor@thebocasbreeze.com.  Thanks for reading and thank you for your interest in the Bocas Breeze!


Nicholas Corea is the editor of the Bocas Breeze. He wasn't born in Bocas, though he got there as fast as he could. He is just one of the many foreigners who became enamored with the islands. His mission is to provide the community with news that unites and inspires, while sharing with the world the magic that is Bocas del Toro. Mr. Corea likes to extend his gratitude to everyone who makes The Bocas Breeze possible- starting with YOU (the reader).

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