Note from the Editor – December 2012

As the holiday season approaches each year I always begin reminiscing about childhood Christmases spent with my family. The smell of fresh cut cedar, decorating the house with my mother, the taste of a traditional Southern Christmas meal, all come back to flood my memory. All of these things I am grateful for, even more so now that I haven’t been there to celebrate with them for years. Though there are many wonderful aspects of past Christmases, it is generosity that is my fondest memory. Each year my mother and father were intent on giving: coats and winter clothes to children and families who needed them, boxes of toys for those who had none, and food or money for a parent who’d been laid off and couldn’t find work. … and it didn’t just happen at Christmastime either. They did this silently, although it was made known to my sister and me that there were many less fortunate…. that we should be very thankful for everything we had. As an adult, I try to carry over many of their examples (which are their greatest gifts to me) into my own life, generosity being one of them. So each Christmas I give what I can, and I hope that this Christmas, if you are able, you will do the same. There are so many opportunities in Bocas. “It is in giving that we receive. When you give, you begin to live. You get the world.”-St. Fransis of Assisi


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