Note from the Editor-July 2013

If you don’t drive by a landfill on your daily commute then maybe you don’t think of the situation at hand. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Everyone understands that we have an ongoing garbage problem, so we must take responsibility for the amount of garbage we produce.Our little island has only so much space to continue to bury garbage, especially when the large amount of plastics in that garbage take approximately 400 years to decompose.

In recent months, Robert Bezeau of Willpower Corp has introduced Bocas’ first recycling center. Unfortunately, the recycling program is not subsidized by the government so at this point donations are needed to keep the program going. All you have to do is simply separate your recyclables (glass, aluminum, and plastics) into a clear bag (available for a few cents at Super Gourmet) and the truck will come by each Wednesday to pick it up. Many people and businesses are already pitching in, but the garbage is everyone’s problem, so the recycling program needs everyone’s support. Think of the difference we can make in 6 months if we all do our part.


*Local residents JB Seligman (Buena Vista Realty) and Tony Sanders (Starfleet Scuba) volunteer their time to pick up recycling.


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