Note from the Editor-June 2013

Normally I like my editor’s note to be positive, even uplifting. But this month, I feel I need to address the article published two months ago about Starfish Beach. As I wrote in the article, I visited Starfish Beach for the first time years ago and it was beautiful, serene, and untouched. Then after beach bars became abundant and the music got loud, a continuous stream of guests kept the party going. And we all know what a party looks like when it’s over. This is what Starfish Beach looked like for a long time-garbage and flies everywhere… But when I visited in April of this year, it was surprisingly clean. I did factor in that this was when there was a movie shoot on the island, but I hoped it was because they had genuinely cleaned up their act. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Not only has Starfish Beach gone back to being the dump it was before, there are also vendors serving lobster during a lobster ban. And it’s not just on the menu folks; you get to pick which one you’d like to eat out of a live tank! So it seems that while every other restaurant and business has health codes and laws to adhere to, the businesses at Starfish Beach do not. So, unfortunately for so many of us who enjoy the beautiful blue water there, the garbage and obvious disregard for environmental law make this beach a complete disgrace.

-Casie Dean


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  1. Gundula Reply

    I tried to call the hospital at 7pm last night to inquire a bout a worker that had been bitten by a snake. I never got an answer.
    Today I found out that if you need the emergency or need to talk to someone after hours, you must call 757 9814.Could you please mark that in the Breeze
    Thank you

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