Note from the Editor – November 2012

Last week after an intense three days of fighting the stomach flu, I decided to treat myself to the first bits of whole food in a while. I checked the fridge and pulled out a container of what I thought to be heavy cream. I was on my way to a delicious alfredo sauce for my pasta. As I poured and mixed and simmered the ingredients three separate times, I couldn’t understand why my mixture didn’t even resemble alfredo sauce in taste. Now frustrated, surrounded by dirty dishes from my three attempts, and still hungry, I gave up and made a red sauce instead.

The next morning my husband opens the fridge and, to my surprise, asks me where the pancake batter is. The pancake batter he’d made the day before was now all gone. Why? Because that is what I had used as heavy cream, but pancake batter will never be alfredo sauce will it? However it does make for delicious pancakes. Moral of the story: Know what you’re working with before making a decision. Sometimes life gives you pancake batter. No need to complicate things by trying to make it something it’s not.

-Casie Dean


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