Note from the Editor – October 2012

We often judge ourselves, others, and the world around us by the frequency of infractions accumulated. So many days we wake up, we listen to terrible news, we feed off of negativity, and we blatantly ignore the fact that no matter what, the night always pushes up a new day. Why is it so hard for us to force a patient smile for a moment and look for the good within the bad? Without one, the other would not exist.

I want to take a moment to recognize someone this month. Someone who I believe makes our little island a lot better. Dr. Juan, a man whose integrity and compassion precede him, though his presence is so humble. Dr. Juan is a farm veterinarian for the Bocas area; however, he has been called upon time after time to assist local animals and family pets in dire need. Anyone who knows Dr. Juan can tell you just how caring and compassionate he is, arriving to emergency situations to aid the sick and, when necessary, end the suffering. It is so often that we become jaded by life’s worries that we forget about one another and how rewarding it is to make a simple connection, a simple gesture of genuine compassion.

Dr. Juan’s compassionate drive leaves his mark in many minds and hearts. The ancient philosopher, Confucius, said, “Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.” I don’t think I’ll ever understand that a person could possibly contain one of these qualities without the others. I, along with so many others, have witnessed Dr. Juan to have these plus so many more. Dr. Juan, we thank you


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