Milford Peynado

Milford Peynado: Campeón de la cultura de Bocas del Toro

El 16 de abril de 2021, Bocas del Toro se despidió de uno de sus legendarios hijos, Milford Franklin Peynado Goldburn, conocido cariñosamente por sus amigos como “Pinto”. Le sobreviven su esposa Xiomara (Doña Mara), su hermano Luis, su…

Bocas del Toro Airport Expansion

Bocas del Toro Airport Expansion Budget Approved

Residents and travelers alike should be delighted to hear the recent news that a Cinnabon franchise will replace the airport gift shop inside of Bocas del Toro International airport on Isla Colon. Cinnabon is one of the biggest global airport…

Fishermen from San Cristobal holding lionfish at a tournament

Help Bocas Fishermen Slay More Lionfish

Bocas del Toro is consuming more lionfish than ever before. A group of fishermen from Isla San Cristobal that specializes in hunting lionfish is seeking the community’s help to invest in tools to be able to further control the…


Carnival 2022 in Panama Canceled for COVID

Carnival 2022 in Panama Canceled for COVID On January 27, 2022, the Ministry of Health of Panama issued a Executive Decree #6 effectively canceling the 2022 Carnavales celebrations (carnival). The decree prohibits concerts, parades, dances (outdoor and…

Bocas Inivitational 2022 a photo of a bodyboarder riding a big wave

Bocas Invitational: A Tropical Dream

The Bocas Invitational is the first international bodyboarding festival in Panama. It will be held at Bluff Beach from February 15-19 with a prize pool will be worth $15,000 USD, divided between…

Third Annual Bocas del Toro Regatta logo with a drone shot of sail boats racing

The Third Annual Bocas del Toro Regatta is Coming

The Third Annual Bocas del Toro Regatta is Coming! Once a year the sailing community of Bocas del Toro gets together for a friendly race. The event is coordinated and hosted by the Bocas Marina. This year’s…

group picture of a boxing fundraiser in bocas del toro

Youth Boxing Fundraiser A Success!

The youth boxing fundraiser held January 22, 2022 at Tequila Republic was a smashing success! Almost all of the t-shirts were sold, the knockout punch beverage was a hit and with all the sales and donations…

bocas del toro surf two men in a boat watching the waves

Bocas del Toro Panama Surf Guide

Bocas del Toro Surf Guide: when to surf, where to surf and what to expect This article was first published by our friend Drew Berger in The Bocas del Toro Blog, where you can find more informative,…