The Massification of Basketball in Bocas del Toro!

The “massification of basketball” in Bocas del Toro! Another successful sport activity for the island’s youth.

It is always good news when the community comes together to train with the next generation. What is so good about it? Athletic skills, discipline, exercise, coordination, friendship, sportsmanship, teamwork and a whole lot of fun- that’s what!

This was exactly the case on April 16, 2023 with a special basketball clinic organized by local resident and basketball aficionado Damian Campbell (pictured top left in both photos).

Participating were 36 children from the islands, ages 7 to 17, in two different age groups; ages 7-12 in the morning and 13 and older in the afternoon.  The clinic was held in the municipal gym, where the young basketballers were instructed by coaches Jose Miguel Samudio  y Abidel Siles, practicing the fundamentals of the great sport.

A special acknowledgement to Andres Herrera for his support to this initiative.

The clinic was free for all children who wanted to participate. It was a huge success and greatly enjoyed by everyone involved. The organizers hope to make it a recurring activity.

“It would be nice for our government and sports leaders to copy the initiative and join in rescuing the youth of Bocas del Toro, because there is a lot of talent on the island and we are wasting it. We must support and invest and take a chance on our youth,” said Damian Campbell, organizer of the activity.

News and photos courtesy of Manuel Sanjur, president of the Bocas del Toro boxing federation and an ever-present advocate for athletics in our community.

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