Diver’s Paradise Paddling Team to Compete in Brazil

After three years of paddling for the Cayuco Paunch team, Julie Lanouette and Angie Whittemore Correa joined the Divers Paradise Paddling Team. Shortly after, they became part of the Panama Outrigger Club, based out of Veracruz Beach, and started paddling v1. The Panama Outrigger Club has participated in the IVF VA’A World Championships in Tahiti twice (2017 & 2018), as well as the 2017 South American games in Peru. Sept 2018 was the very first National Va’a Championship in Veracruz Beach, Panama, as well as the eliminatory race for the South American Va’a Championship in Cabo Frio, Brazil in November. The ladies respectively took 1st and 2nd place. The Divers Paradise Paddling Team classified to represent Panama in the v1 women’s open category and the women’s v6 open women’s outrigger team as well. A v6 is a rudderless Tahitian style 6-man outrigger canoe. They have been training hard to represent Panama and the Panama Outrigger Club in the v1 category, November 17-21, in Cabo, Frio, Brazil.  They are leaving today to practice with the Panamanian open women’s team. Good luck ladies!


Atletas de Bocas compiten en Brasil




Después de tresaños de remar como parte de Cayuco Paunch, Julie Lanouette y Angie Whittermore Correa, ahora son Divers Paradise Paddling Team (equipo de remo de Divers Paradise). Las chicas obtuvieron el 1er y 2ndo lugar respectivamente, en su primera carrera Va’a (o v1), la cual es un deporte de remo al estilo tahitiano con canoa hawaiana o canoa con estabilizador individual. La carrera se dio en Playa Veracruz y casualmente era la carrera eliminatoria para el Campeonato Va’a Sur Americano en Cabo Frio, Brasil. El Divers Paradise Paddling Team se llevó los primeros 3 puestos en la categoría v1 e ira a representar a Panamá y el Panamá Outrigger Club en el Campeonato Va’a Sur Americano en Brasil del 17-21 de noviembre. ¡Buena suerte!


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