Bocas del Toro Business Directory

Bocas del Toro Business Directory

Bocas del Toro Business Directory The Bocas Breeze Newspaper is made possible by advertisements from the amazing local business community and our Breeze…

Basketball Clinic in Bocas del Toro

The Massification of Basketball in Bocas del Toro!

The “massification of basketball” in Bocas del Toro! Another successful sport activity for the island’s youth. It is always good news when the community…

Filthy Friday Bocas del Toro Solarte School

Filthy Friday and the Isla Solarte School: Making a Real Impact

We all know Filthy Friday for crushing it on the entertainment scene, creating viral Bocas…

nonprofits in bocas del toro

Nonprofits in Bocas del Toro to Support

Nonprofits and Other Great Causes to Support in Bocas del Toro Nonprofits in Bocas del Toro are doing amazing work to better the social,…

lady cooking coconut rolls over fire

Ari Ungüenrien! Let’s Cook With Mario Castrellón

Let’s Cook With Mario Castrellón! From September 21 to 23 the community of Rio Caña, located in…

A lady dumping out her coconut milk rolls

Ari Ungüenrien! Vamos a Cocinar con Mario Castrellón

La comunidad de Rio Caña, ubicada en el distrito de Kusapín de la comarca Ngäbe-Buglé, recibirá del 21 al 23 de septiembre al…

the volunteers of Papa Gato standing together and a picture of a small kitten being held

Papa Gato Animal Welfare

Animals have always been dear to my heart and as many know I have been helping care for our street animals in Bocas…


MIDES Says Bocas del Toro’s Elderly Could Be Ready to Come Home in Five Days

With the new school year approaching on March 11, community members are wondering exactly where the residents of the Bocas’ elderly home will…