October Photo Challenge: SIGHTS AND SOUNDS- Vote for your Favorite

This month’s theme was “Sights and Sounds” and true to the concept of the photo challenge, Bocas’ home of live entertainment, The Bookstore Bar, has offered a $20 bar tab to the winner. Sharon Adam is the resident photo challenger and she wrote in the October issue with all the details of this particular theme:

“Your next photo challenge is SIGHTS AND SOUNDS. This should be easy for us living in Bocas. It could be photos of your favourite guitarist, drummer, people dancing at Munchies or the Bookstore, capturing music is the main challenge. ‘And remember, just as some music and photos can be loud, quiet moments can also speak volumes. Maybe it’s someone tuning an instrument, or a Mother singing a lullaby to a child, as it gets ready for nap.'”

A big thank you goes out to all who pick up the print edition, read on-line and ESPECIALLY those who submit pictures and vote.  Here are this month’s entries.  You can vote via our Facebook page by commenting and/or liking the photo that you think best meets Sharon’s concept for the photo challenge.



“Calypso Joe….such a beautifull person who mean a lot here in Bocas and Bastimentos ….. look ad his smile what you need more guitar ….laughing. … easy going …. he gave  the world more color
..red green and yellow …. I hope to see  his beautifull face in bocas breeze …. ”


“Amelie on the sea”



“Calypso Joe and Su Amiga”


“Sounds on Saturday, Lili’s Cafe circa Two-thousand-something or other”



“grupo artemisa at Isla Bastimentos in bubbas house”


“Blues Cruise on the Jade Dragon somewhere on in the Caribbean Sea”…And look: there’s Calypso Joe again!!! So nice they photographed him twice!  Or was it three times at this point?  Who’s counting?  We are !!! (your votes)


Thanks again to everyone who took the time to send your Bocas Sights and Sounds pictures and thanks to one of gracious sponsors for offering this month’s prize..  The winner of this challenge will receive a $20 bar tab at the home of live entertainment in Bocas del Toro: The Bookstore Bar AKA Loco Dave’s.

Stay tuned to the Bocas Breeze to find out the new Photo Challenge theme and send your entry to photochallenge@thebocasbreeze.com to share your photo and be eligible to win a prize.


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