Volunteer in Bocas del Toro, Panama 2023

Volunteer, Non-profit and Overall Great Causes in Bocas del Toro 2023 – Bocas del Toro has so much to offer, and it is still developing…so give back! It’s clear what the current challenges are and this page is dedicated to the organizations that working toward solutions. Be a part of the progress! Here you will find Bocas del Toro’s best volunteer opportunities, nonprofit organizations, and overall great causes to support in the Bocas del Toro business community.

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Floating Doctors - volunteer in Bocas del Toro

Floating Doctors is a medical relief team dedicated to serving the Ngäbe communities in the archipelago. The group of medical volunteers deploy all 52 weeks of the year to low income areas and the villages that are geographically far removed from access to medical care. They rotate communities and reach each of 24 communities once every three months; timing which is vitally important to care for chronic illnesses and provide appropriate family planning tools.

They are able to provide free acute and preventative health care services through volunteer medics, sponsorships and donations.

Floating Doctors is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the United States, which means donations are tax deductible for U.S. citizens, and is also registered as a Non-Government Organization in Panama.

Support Floating Doctors with a donation and learn more about their medical volunteer programs on their website.

Papá Gato Animal Welfare

Papá Gato Animal Welfare is an organization providing care for all the animals of Bocas del Toro. They do this primarily through spay and neuter clinics for street animals and low income family pets in order to reduce the amount of unwanted animals in the area. They don’t stop there – always providing emergency rescue care to any of the many Bocas del Toro wildlife inhabitants

They are able to provide quality medical care services through volunteer medics and donations.

Support Papá Gato with a donation and find out the many other ways you can get involved.

The Darklands Foundation

The Darklands Foundation  –  in collaboration with local government and non-governmental institutions – sponsors seminars and workshops for the indigenous peoples designed to address physical and mental health and economic development with a special emphasis on the empowerment of women. The Foundation especially assists cacao producers with their efforts to integrate agriculture in the rainforest whereby indigenous people can remain on their lands and therefore preserve the rainforest, a benefit to all of humanity.

Our engaging yearlong Women’s Empowerment Program focuses on providing educational tools for the development of indigenous women in practical ways. The goal is to empower and inspire through consistent education and opportunities.

Support The Darklands Foundation’s trailblazing efforts with a donation and send a request for more information on volunteering.

Wasteless World


Wasteless World –  Be a part of eliminating plastic waste as well as the invasive species of lionfish from our lush archipelago. Wasteless World Warriors are not only cleaning up the plastic that is leaching chemicals into our precious waters and earth; they are creating resources and jobs from the unfortunate waste and providing education for our future generations. This education spreads to the local fisherman to give them the necessary tools and knowledge to catch the lionfish and, in turn, give them an income by purchasing the fish from them. Wasteless World provides lionfish filets for the public’s culinary at-home adventures and they also make gorgeous jewelry from the venomous spines of this nasty species.

Support Wasteless World by donation and by voluteering with the Warriors

Volunteer in Bocas del Toro 2023

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