Victoria Canonico

Lionfish in Bocas Have Met Their Match

Lionfish in Bocas have met their match with so many businesses and restaurants on board to get the whole archipelago ‘eating the enemy.’…


The Revival of Caribbean Flavors

español abajo Joseph Archbold was born and raised in Bocas del Toro. He received classical culinary training in Panama City and…


Cool Crêpes is Compulsively Delicious

Jean-Claude Patri of Marsella began Cool Crêpes


April’s Featured Dish: Fish ‘n Chips at The View at Oasis Bluff Beach

by Victoria Canonico Destination restaurants usually involve an hour train ride or a weekend trip. For the people of Bocas…


March Featured Dish: El Ultimo Refugio’s Seared Tuna

Make your way down the bustling main street of Bocas Town with the storefronts and street carts, hotels and hostels, and…


Featured Dish: La Buguita’s Super Tuna Burger Caribbean Green Style

Caribbean Green is the concept at La Buguita Ocean Lounge. Caribbean is the style of the kitchen’s culinary talent who is taking full…