Skateboards For Hope Reaches Bocas del Toro

“Skateboarding is used as a tool to give socioeconomically disadvantaged children the opportunity to achieve their goals and rise above poverty.” – Skateboards For Hope July 13, 2023 Surrounded by artwork and 45 brightly painted skateboards with the aroma of freshly…

Guillermo Sanchez Borbon Tristan Solarte(3)

In Honor of 100 Years of Guillermo Sánchez Borbón: A Commemorative Event June 26 at Rogelio Josué Ibarra High School

It’s time once more for Isla Colon to honor its literary hero, Guillermo Sánchez Borbón, known to many as Tristán Solarte. On June 26, the Rogelio Josué Ibarra High School will host a special event celebrating what would’ve been…

Rock N Relief Bocas Breeze article

Over $15K Raised for Fire Victim Relief Fund

On April 13, 2024, there was a tragic fire in Bocas Town. A fundraising campaign was launched on April 29 to support the clean-up efforts and create a victim relief fund for the employees and owner-operators who lost their…

Rock 'n' Relief Bocas del Toro Panama

Rock ‘N’ Relief June 8: Bocas del Toro Community Unites to Benefit Fire Victims

It’s times like these, you gotta love the community spirit of Bocas del Toro; through the good times and the bad. VERSIÓN EN ESPAÑOL Well on April 13, 2024, there were some seriously bad…

100 years of Guillermo Sanchez Borbon Tristan Solarte(1)

June 1, 2024, Bocas del Toro: 100 Years of “El Poeta”

Bocas Homes August Wastewater Treatment Plants Bocas del Toro Panama

How to Reuse 80% of Your Water and Reduce Pollution in Bocas del Toro

On an island that experiences droughts and unreliable public water service, August Wastewater Treatment Plants are a game-changer. The future is now; a Bocas del Toro with a more conscious use of its precious resources and practices that safeguard…

Bocas Chess

Club Bocas Chess: Nurturing Young Minds Through the Game of Chess

Club Bocas Chess, a sports non-profit organization, has recently achieved a significant milestone with its endorsement by Pandeportes in January 2024. This endorsement marks a new chapter in the club’s mission to promote the educational and cultural benefits of…

A Letter To Mark Zuckerberg from Bocas del Toro

A Letter To Mark Zuckerberg from Bocas del Toro

May 20, 2024 Dear Mr. Zuckerberg, Thank you for visiting our beautiful islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama. We hope that you have enjoyed our clear Caribbean waters, lush jungles, diverse flora & fauna, and the unique cultural blend of peoples…