Bocas Beach Club: Walk on the Stylish Side

Head over to Carenero Island nowadays and there is a whole heap of new style and comfort where the Pickled Parrot used to be. Combine the stunning 270 degree view of Bastimentos, Solarte and Isla Colon with a luxury hotel suite outdoors and the Bocas Beach Club is what you get.

“We’re hoping to bring a new level of service to Bocas. We meet and greet every boat that arrives. We have a VIP section that caters on an all-inclusive basis, so it comes with massages, all you can eat and drink and your own private suite,” explains owner Dyllan Mitchell. Although there are premium all-inclusive packages geared towards honeymooners and high-end clients, there is something for everybody at the new Bocas Beach Club: “It’s the difference between economy, business and first class sections on an aircraft. Economy is around the bar, on the stairs and in the hammocks, the ocean pods are business class and the VIP suite is first class.”

The ocean pods are $100 per day, per couple and includes your own private pod as well as all you can eat and drink off their standard menu. The VIP suite is similar but $200 and with your own VIP suite, with a private deck and own ladders into the ocean and private areas for massages and top shelf cocktails and lobster. The VIP suite is designed for those who want to be absolutely pampered all day.

The Beach Club is for all lovers of the sun and the ocean. Newly added stairs that lead directly in the ocean, where guests can sit right on the stairs in the ocean, enjoying cocktails, soaking up the sun and jumping off the recently restored wooden sun deck. Hammocks are abundant and each of the special ocean pods comes with a USB charger for the modern electronic luxuries most of us cannot seem to live without.

Bocas Beach Club is open everyday 11am to 7pm and there are complementary boats to and fro, every hour, on the hour (11am to 6pm) launching from the back dock of the Bocas Paradise Hotel (1st street, Isla Colon) and leaving 15 minutes before the hour, every hour from Bocas Beach Club in Carenero returning to Isla Colon to the Bocas Paradise Hotel.

Delicious barbecues are served every Saturday and the kitchen is open everyday with an emphasis on sourcing only the highest quality of ingredients. Dyllan and his staff are actively building relationships with farmers and suppliers who are avoiding GMOs and pharmaceuticals.

Bocas Beach Club looks forward to pampering you with the barefoot luxury that Bocas del Toro is all about and with a whole new level of service: “We’ll even clean your sunglasses for you.”


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