Rainy Day in Paradise? No Problem

When one thinks of a tropical paradise sand and sun are usually in the forefront of those thoughts. But it wouldn’t be the tropics without rain. Rainy season is here as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Now, what to do….

What’s an ATV ride without a little mud? Not as much fun that’s what. If you’re looking for a little adventure then rent an ATV from the Flying Pirates. Their trails connect both sides of the island so you can explore it in a single day. These renegade roads will take you by the beach, through the jungle, and to the most beautiful lagoons the archipelago has to offer. Here’s where you find a double use for those goggles. And don’t forget to stop off at The Beach Bar for one of Nicole’s delicious burritos for lunch.

Not the adventurous type? How about a relaxing massage or facial at Starfleet Spa, Lil Spa Shop, or Danuta’s Holistic Therapy? There is no shortage of ways to relax on the island. Some personal favorites from local residents are the steamy facials at Starfleet, the deep tissue massage at Lil Spa Shop, and the Zen shiatsu massage with Danuta. Are you traveling for a while? Perhaps you’d like your roots touched up or maybe you want a haircut. Donna at Lil Spa Shop also offers a full range of cut and color services.

Since it’s likely you’ll get wet on a rainy day, why not dive right in?! Bocas del Toro is world renowned for its surf. Isla Colon and the surrounding islands boast a variety of surf spots for every skill level. If you haven’t tried surfing before stop by Mono Loco Surf School behind the park in town and ask for Juan David. He and his professional staff will make you a surfer in no time. If you already surf and just don’t have your board, not to worry, they rent them in every shape and size.

If you decide on one of these activities, here’s some info that might come in handy.

Flying Pirates-6689.5050
Starfleet Spa-757.9630
Lil Spa Shop-6591.3814
Danuta’s Holistic Therapy-6686.0235
Mono Loco Surf School-760.9877

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