Tourist Visas in Panama Reduced to 90 Days (Except for US and Canada)

Tourist visas in Panama were modified twice in September of 2021. Most countries now receive 90 days, whereas citizens of the United States and Canada still receive 180 days.

On September 1, 2021, Panama passed the Resolution 22068, a law which stated that as of October 1, 2021, foreign tourists may not stay in Panama for more than 90 days, effective from the date the tourist enters the country.

Then on September 10, 2021, Resolution 22076 was passed which made an exception for citizens of the United States of America and Canada, who will continue to receive stays of 180 days in Panama.

Upon entering Panama, immigration officers may ask for proof of continuing travel, such as a return flight to the tourist’s home country or onward travel to another country, with the requirement that the departure date is within 90 or 180 days granted to the tourist based on the origin of their passport. Immigration officers may also require the visitor to prove economic solvency upon entering by presenting at least $500 cash or a bank statement with the minimum balance of $500. All visitors must adhere to the regulations of the Ministry of Health as well.

Panama Foreign Residency Programs

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