12th Annual Chili Challenge: Record Numbers at Skully’s

The sun was shining and the weather was sweet and Bocas del Toro was at Skully’s tasting all the chili they could eat. The 12th annual Chili Cook-Off was held Sunday October fist at Skully’s bar and restaurant, located on the beach past Big Creek heading towards Paunch.

Every year around this time during this beautiful dry and calm weather, teams gather under tents on the beach and start cooking at 9am. Tasting is at 2pm and everything must be cooked on site. The public is invited to buy tasting cups for $3 and vote on the best tasting chili. Teams also get points for style, as chili tasters are also asked to vote on the team that displayed the most Showmanship. As you can see, these silly chili makers really went above and beyond this year.

After all the dust settled and all the spoons were licked clean, votes were cast and Toro Loco came out on top for the 2nd consecutive year. “Not only did we win, but we serve this chili every day at the Toro Loco,” team member Robbin Blythe was excited to say. Congrats to Robbin, Nico, Rose and all the whole Toro Loco crew, who have proved to be the team to beat in the 2018 13th Annual Chili Challenge.

1. Toro Loco Chili
2. Hot Shyte Chili
3.Cowboy Chili
Showmanship – Hillbilly Chili

Honorable mention goes to the Random Chili Kids, 8 children from ages 7 to 12 who cooked and prepared theirselves, with the guidance of their brilliant instructor, Christin of Random Art. Christin gives culinary classes as well as art classes to children. This reporter must say the cooking class is going well because the chili was yummy. Good job, kids!

JB Seligman was thrilled to report record numbers of participants this year: 250 cups and over 300 people in attendence. Live music was enjoyed as the Bookstore All-Stars (the house band of the Bookstore Bar) with special guest Pancho Chiu were in the house. Collections for the next Say Panama clinic were collected and resulted in $222 towards the next spay and neuter clinic.


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