Bocas Invitational: A Tropical Dream

The Bocas Invitational is the first international bodyboarding festival in Panama. It will be held at Bluff Beach from February 15-19 with a prize pool will be worth $15,000 USD, divided between the male and female categories.

During the event, DJs, international artists and local bands will perform every day at Bluff Beach, also in different Isla Colon locations (see full schedule below). The festival will have workshops related to Afro-Caribbean culture, bodyboarding as a lifestyle and Bocas del Toro environmental sustainability.

There are over 80 athletes competing representing Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Portugal, USA and Venezuela. Big names in the bodyboarding world are flocking to Bocas del Toro exclusively for the Bocas Invitational 2022, including Pierre Louis Costes (France), Isabela Sousa (Brazil), Tanner MacDaniel (USA), Mike Stewart (Hawaii, USA), Dave Hubbard (Hawaii, USA), Amaury Lavernhe (France) and Alan Muñoz (Chile).

This Bocas Invitational event is being held by Bootike and is a private initiative of Ruben Villegas, Francisco Reyes and Gustavo Pinilla endorsed by Pandeportes, the Panamanian Surf Association, the Tourism Authority of Panama, and the Chamber of Tourism of Bocas Del Toro. In addition, we have the collaboration of the Gipuzkoako Surf Federation and its model of #federartesurfingkultura, where the competition is reinforced with culture, equality, inclusion and the environment.


Bocas Invitational 2022 bodyboarding in bocas del toro

Bocas Invitational Schedule

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