In Regards to April’s Article “Inspired Artists in (Sweet Love Bocas”

I have re-read “Inspired Artists in (Sweet Love) Bocas” and now realize how a certain aspect of this article could be misinterpreted. Frustration has been expressed about graffiti in Bocas del Toro and some comments have been made claiming that my article encouraged this behavior. I would like to assure all readers and stakeholders of the Bocas Breeze, that this publication in no way condones the defacement or desecration of private or public property.

Graffiti and street art culture was indeed mentioned in the article, but it was never advocated. What certainly was advocated, praised and will continue to be supported by my administration of the Breeze is artistic expression, cultural events and people such as the featured artists who have unique stories, a passion for the islands and are making efforts to promote Bocas del Toro as a peaceful, fun and interesting place to visit and reside.

My mention of Mr. Coqueño’s “Sweet Love Bocas” campaign was in no way to invite more graffiti by any means. I was just capturing an important part of the artist’s story and acknowledging the philosophy behind his campaign, which was never built out of malice, but (sweet) love.

The reason any detail of this story was published was because it was important and interesting. As the owner, editor and principal writer of the Bocas Breeze, it is in the best interest of this publication to keep it entertaining, engaging and evolve with the times. Please allow me to make it emphatically clear that the intention of this article was never meant to encourage vandalism. The purpose was to give exposure to two local artists who absolutely adore these islands, take much inspiration from them and want to see Bocas del Toro prosper.

I extend my eternal gratitude for those who are reading and care about the direction of this publication. After all, what is a community newspaper without the voices of the community?

Please always feel more than welcome to write me personally with any comments, concerns or criticisms at


Nicholas Corea

Owner and Editor of the Bocas Breeze

bocas pic from far away


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